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LCC Shows 2012

I went to visit the London College of Communication Summer Show over the weekend. I was curious, having graduated from the Graphic and Media Design course last year, to see what this year’s students had got up to. Below are a few highlights of some my favourite pieces of work.

Jack Edwards / Doodles of a Deluded Man

From the Illustration pathway, this was one of my favourite pieces of work. Simple, colourful, fun and humorous. “Baguette about it” – love it.

Lisa Finch / #Yolo

A nice piece of installation, with a modern twist.

Joshua Lee / Born In Southwark

Joshua’s Southwark guidelines were so in-depth and perfectly crafted. Very slick.

Martina Giulianelli / Food for Good

From the Advertising pathway is Martina’s branding for “Food for Good”. I love the bright colours, cardboard frames, and b&w veg.

Lewis Foster / I, Pencil Family Tree

From Typo/Graphics, Lewis Foster explored the simple, innocent pencil, and revealed all the processes and materials involved in creating this simple tool we take for granted. Very interesting idea, well executed.

Hilary Chittenden / Waiting

I found this video from Hilary, on the Info pathway, really interesting. It picked out people’s thoughts, movements, and body language, and I loved the way the words were integrated into the video itself.

Victoria Foster / Communitea

A nice concept from Victoria Foster, a Typo/Graphics student, who created a ‘Communitea’ van that went round and delivered tea to homeless people.

Akane Saka / Leave To Remain

A simple but interesting idea with a simple but interesting resolution. Click on the image to read more about Akane’s project.

Julian Goll / Graphic design in the public space

A nice piece of decollaging.

Simon Collingwood / The Goat Inn

A last but not least, Simon’s branding for a pub. My favourite bit was the menu, which felt really premium, but still rustic and homely.