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Last week I went to the Light Show at the Hayward Gallery on the Southbank. It’s an interesting exhibition, with some parts more spectacular than others, but well worth a visit.

As you enter you’re thrown right into the action with a big hall full of installations. The first and most noticeable (the one at the top of this post by Leo Villareal) twinkles in apparently always unique formations. 

Other things that stood out were Jim Campbell’s installation that were similarly twinkling formations of people walking past. Carlos Cruz-Diez’s coloured rooms were interesting to walk through and the final installation you come to is a set of water fountains in a strobe lit room - which were dizzying and unusual.

The bigger, more immersive light installations made for more unique experiences, and some of the smaller artworks were intriguing. Overall well curated, although I would much prefer to see more of the pieces in their own spaces. 

Unfortunately you’re not allowed to take photos, so the one’s above have been found online. But it’s not particularly easy to give justice to a light installation with a photograph - you can’t replicate the experience - so you’ll have to go and visit.

You can have a quick preview of the show with this online PDF guide.