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Johnson Banks have revealed a rather clever and eye-catching identity for  the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

"In discussions and research, it became apparent pretty quickly that the condition is widely misunderstood. Most people don’t understand what it is, or what it does, until someone close to them is affected by it. They soon discover it’s a life-shortening genetic condition – only half live to celebrate their fortieth birthday."

So they decided to approach the identity by answering “what is it, exactly?”. And visually they have done just that. It’s a really clever way of identifying a problem and solving it through communicating the problem. 

The bright yellow has great stand-out (I know I have an biased opinion of yellow), and the combination of custom-made handwritten typeface, drawn elements and photography is lovely. 

I love when everything has a concept - a reason - and even the subtle yellow gradient indicates the presence of cystic fibrosis in the individual’s life.