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David Hockney at The RA

I was lucky enough to see the David Hockney exhibition at the Royal Academy. It has been a highly acclaimed show, and due to it’s popularity I had pretty much given up hope of getting a ticket to see it. But yesterday I decided to have a go at turning up and standing in the queue to see if I could get in. I ended up waiting nearly two and a half hours, but the show was worth the wait!

The show is curated chronologically. So you first see some of Hockney’s older work included a few of his fantastic photo collages.

However the main attraction of the exhibition is Hockney’s recent paintings of the Yorkshire countryside, some of which he did on his iPad.

Below is probably my favourite painting, as it clearly shows Hockney’s photographic background.. through how he uses grids, the rules of thirds, and cleverly makes you eye navigate the entire painting (right from the foreground to the little house in the distance).

Colour is on the first things you will notice about his work, and this huge painting was a key piece (featured on the promotional material) with it’s blue and yellow trees and purple road.

There was a even a room showing his work with video. He filmed with 9 different cameras the same slow movement, but each from slightly different angles, giving the video a peculiar and captivating feeling. These videos are his paintings that have come to life.

Overall, it was an absolutely fantastic show. I would go as far as to say, one of the best I’ve seen. If you can and are prepared to queue, the show is on for one more week, until the 9th of April at the Royal Academy. View more info…