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A new brand identity for Frederik Laux Photography. I really like the soft, but impactful colour pallet of this identity which doesn’t rely on a logo but more a graphic architecture.

Frederik Laux is an award winning German portrait, fashion, lifestyle and editorial photographer with a client list that includes Alliance and Mercedes-benz. His new visual identity, developed by Stuttgart based design agency LSDK, takes a competently spaced but generic condensed, sans-serif logotype and executes it as a redacted three-line mark  die cut by hand across a print solution that mixes the cool and dark greys of uncoated unbleached boards, a pastel green paper, bright fluorescent stickers that cut diagonally through the stationery, the quality and authoritative weight of a letterpress business card with hand painted edges and the unusual detail of a portfolio case with a strap made from bike inner tubes.”

Although I do tend to agree with Richard Baird at BP&O, the relevance of the ‘logo’ is a bit ambiguous.

"Although I am not sure I completely understand the redacted logo-mark – perhaps it alludes to the idea that images have a communicative value that far exceeds those of words, rendering them void – the result is an interesting contrast of urban utility, contemporary energy and the subtle craft cues and individuality introduced through the production methods of the stationery."