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A few months back Hate Mail was all over the net (and I was lucky enough to stumble in to it’s book signing at Somerset House). It’s a really genuinely funny book, with a funny concept.

In the video below, Jonathan describes how the idea came about when he sent a postcard with “fuck you” written on the back to one twitter follower. He was surprised how much people liked to be insulted. So he set out to do more of these postcards, all with illustrations and simple little messages, that are all completely insulting.

“You will never be as good as Peter Andre”
“Fuck you and fuck your cat”
“Give up your unrealistic dreams”
“You look like Gadaffi in a wig”
“If you were a supermarket, you’d be Lidl”
“You disappoint me on every level”

I love the fact he actually sent them out, and some people felt compelled to respond with their own hate mail… ”The weirdest thing I got was a chocolate swiss roll with FUCKER written on it in icing. I didn’t eat it.” Read more on Co.Design