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Shopping at Sainsbury's is living well

A couple of months back, W+K London revealed their first piece of work for Sainsbury's. The TV spot along with supportive in store comms, led with the line "#fooddancing is living well" and showing people cooking, dancing, shaking food about. 

I loved the art direction. The fun playful typography. The black and white people with only a pop of orange was genius. And featuring seemingly home-made footage with a big poppy track made the whole campaign, fun, energetic and life-affirming. The only bit I didn't get was what it was trying to tell me. That line. Should I dance with my food? Start a food fight at dinner time? It was particularly confusing when I saw the in-store comms before I saw anything on TV.

However today I spotted two recent extensions of the campaign. One for Easter on a billboard as I cycled past (so, sorry no picture) and one for Mother's Day. The art direction still intact, but with lines that made much more sense: "staying young is living well" and "making for mum is living well".

It was really good to see how the bigger thought of "living well" and can extend, flex, expand and evolve, alongside some great art direction.