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Tiger gets a new brand with a little more ROAR!

Flyer Tiger has had a global rebrand by Saffron Brand Consultants. Now simply called Tiger the identity has been injected a heap load more fun and personality.

They've kept the stark white with simple cut out photography which matches the style of their packaging they've always had. But added a really characterful new typeface (pardon the pun). I love how this works in the various applications; over and around imagery for example. Saffron use the phrase "crafted to look uncrafted", which is bang on. The rough edges of the logo and rawness of how photography, illustration and typography are seemingly 'chucked' on the page all make the identity feel spontaneous and energetic. 

The new logo is perhaps a little chunky in comparison to the typography but is very impactful on shop signage in particular. All in all, a super powerful new brand identity for a super fun brand.