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A winning Christmas formula from Co-op

"Ice", the Co-op Christmas advert by Leo Burnett, is easily my favourite Christmas ad of the season. It has avoided the big soppy affairs of some of their competitors and gone for something subtle, simple and effective. I won’t write out what happens, so if you haven’t seen it on TV yet, have a watch above. 

It has a perfect soundtrack (Ravel’s ‘Bolero’, the song made famous by the ice skating duo Torvill & Dean), which makes the whole thing feel really light-hearted. It has lots of product placement (big advertising win) and a nice (subtly-done) kind-hearted gesture. Christmas is about sharing and kindness and Co-op have nailed it.

Amanda Jennings, marketing director, said: “We’re here to bring a little extra to the party and demonstrate we can add some Christmas merriment to the everyday shop. The advert encapsulates who we are as a retailer within communities, and shows some of the human truths that our stores see every day.”

Love it.