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Dear Cambridge... Yours, Johnson Banks

This isn’t the first time I’ve featured work from Johnson Banks on my blog and it won’t be the last. Pretty much everything they touch involves excellent design-led ideas, always based off of a strong well thought through idea. This campaign for the University of Cambridge is no exception.

Every execution is framed around a letter from Cambridge to the world. Their confident tone balancing perfectly on the line between proud and arrogant, showing the world exactly what the alumni and current students have and are contributing to the world. Avoiding all cliches, the design is simple and clean. The page/frame device and the bright modern blue holds everything together, whether an execution uses photography, cut out imagery, handwriting or type only. Some strict, consistent boundaries has led for some real flexibility and creativity inside the frame.

Overall I love the personal tone to it all. There’s a blog post here with a whole heap of posters, that you’ve got to spend some time scrolling through.